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  • Open Water Diver
  • 12 years old minimum age
  • A desire to clean our local dive sites and become AWARE divers in the fight against ocean debris
  Class Description

Every year tens of thousands of marine animals and seabirds die from eating or getting tangled up in marine debris - or trash in the ocean. Marine debris also damages habitats, makes coastal areas unattractive to visit and is expensive to remove. As much as seventy percent of the rubbish entering our ocean sinks to the seafloor; only divers have the skills to tackle underwater marine debris.

To make long-term improvements individuals, businesses and governments need to make changes that stop rubbish from entering the ocean. For the best results, these changes must be driven by an accurate picture of the extent of the marine debris problem. By completing Dive Against Debris surveys and specialty program, we can help build that picture from an underwater perspective. The data you collect through Dive Against Debris helps drive changes that protect marine life and marine environments.

The course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to complete Dive Against Debris surveys including the removal of marine debris underwater, and reporting the data to Project AWARE. Dive Against Debris surveys and the data submitted are essential to help drive change and inform policy. Completing regular Dive Against Debris surveys at the same location over time is the best way to build a comprehensive database and identify hotspot areas where waste management needs to be prioritized.

Course Goals:

  • Equip you with the skills and knowledge to tackle marine debris
  • Provide information on the marine debris issue
  • Show you how to complete a Dive Against Debris survey from planning a dive to reporting data
  • Show you how divers are driving changes that stop rubbish entering the ocean through Dive Against Debris

The Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty is done in two segments:

  1. Classroom Presentation and Knowledge Development
    This segment involves classroom presentation on the Dive Against Debris specialty, proper debris survey techniques for diving, how to pick up debris on our dive sites, and how to register the debris through Project AWARE to make a difference in the global ocean debris issue.
  2. Two Open Water Dives in Miami, Fl.
    • One dive on our most popular dive site – the Belcher Barge Wreck Trek
    • One dive at our coral reef right off Miami and Key Biscyane. Unlike the Florida Keys, there are no marine sanctuaries to protect our coral reefs – so it is up to us as divers to remove the fishing line that constricts corals, pick up the beer cans dumped overboard, and show our local legislation that MPA’s are needed to protect our reefs and wrecks here in Miami!


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  • Reservations are required
  • Open Water Diver certification
  • Minimum age is 12
  • Dive gloves for safe debris removal
  • PADI Student Record Folder
  • South Beach Divers student contract form completed
  • The cost of the trip is $175 which includes the Project AWARE Dive Against Debris (with specialty diver card), and a two hour classroom session to equip you with the skills and knowledge to tackle marine debris, provide information on the marine debris issue, learn how to complete a Dive Against Debris survey, show you how divers are driving changes that stop rubbish entering the ocean through Dive Against Debris.
  • Also included:
    • Two guided dives in Miami, FL on the Belcher Barge and a local coral reef.
    • Dive Against Debris Survey Guide
    • Dive Against Debris Data Card
    • Dive Against Debris Marine Debris Identification Guide
    • Dive Against Debris underwater clean up bag
    • Project AWARE materials and tips how you can become an AWARE diver and help protect our oceans!
  • For a discounted price of only $99.00, a Nitrox Class and or GoPro Specialty add on is available. Receive underwater GoPro training from our GoPro specialist, along with a GoPro Specialty Diver card.

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